Cloud Computing Technologies in China Seminar Review

This past Saturday afternoon around 2:00 PM on May 30th, CHIME, in collaboration with SEC and Alauda, co-hosted a seminar about cloud computing technologies in China inside Microsoft Redmond campus Studio B Room 1360. Our keynote speakers and audiences attending this seminar had a very in depth discussion comparing the differences and similarities of cloud computing technologies between China and the United States. A short review of the seminar along with some photos taken that day can be seen below.

5月30日周六下午2点,微软华人协会与西雅图华人创业协会和云雀科技联合举办的一场关于中国云计算技术的讲座活动,故乡的“云”,在微软Studio B Room 1360举行。 我们邀请到来自UCloud的中国首代黑客代表人物季昕华和高级副总裁陈晓建作为本次的主讲嘉宾。他们针对国内云计算技术的现状和发展趋势,以及国内云计算市场和美国市场的共同点和区别进行了深度剖析。现场气氛十分热烈,听众踊跃提问,与嘉宾共同探讨了相关方面的感兴趣话题。本次讲座对在相关方向工作的工程师和市场人员,起到了开阔视野,拓宽思路,丰富知识的作用,为他们的研发和市场工作提供了参考价值。

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